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At 20:50 on 10/23/08, Dan S. from Colorado Springs added:
    That was Homecoming/reunion weekend! So was CC panicked by your dot-connecting, or just afraid of other alumni becoming aware?

    Thank you for sharing this information. People need to know. Whether they can handle it or not is another matter.

    Good luck to you.

At 20:38 on 12/26/08, Stuart from Colorado added:
    Come to think of it, none of my economics professors ever bothered to tell us that the Federal Reserve is not owned by, or part of, the federal government.

    Now look at what the keeping of that huge secret is getting us!

At 18:46 on 04/11/09, CC student from Colorado Springs added:
    When I asked a CC physics professor about the excessive rapidity of the 'falls' of the Twin Towers, he just got up and walked away.

    Thanks for helping educate me, Dave.

At 01:22 on 04/18/09, CC Student #2 from Arizona added:

    It's not often that I've learned more while on block break than I do by attending classes at CC.

    Professors clog my mind with facts; you've opened it.

    Thank you, Dave.

At 02:42 on 05/16/10, Stunned from Denver added:
    Thanks to you for the introductory course in forbidden knowledge. Your reading list is far outside the mainstream, yet, sadly, it all makes perfect sense.

At 11:36 on 08/28/10, Seen The Light from Colorado added:
    "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge."
    -- Stephen Hawking

    Thanks, Dave, for revealing the grand illusion, and CC's dark side.

At 16:57 on 01/21/11, Roger from Des Moines added:
    Your point, or one of them, seems to be that CC's behavior lies somewhere between treacherous and treasonous. That includes fraud. CC's more thug-like than scholarly response to your observations and conclusions does seem to confirm your findings, which I find fascinating.

At 15:45 on 06/20/11, CC Student #3 from 205.170.14.* added:
    A bunch of lies. An official letter from the college in part of Ron Smith would not contain an egregious grammatical error. By that, I mean using "aloud" instead of "allowed." Let's cut the conspiracy theory crap; let CC be CC, a PRIVATE academic institution with no such ties to government manipulation.

At 22:08 on 06/20/11, Dave from Colorado Springs added:
    Dear CC Student #3,

    Sorry, no lies; the signed letter on CC letterhead from the "Director of Campus Safety" did and does, in fact, contain that "egregious grammatical error". Perhaps I could make up something like that; I don't know: I've never tried. The graphic is genuine; an accurate visual representation of the original document.

    Your 'thinking' is pathological (ie, since CC is a high-falutin' educational institution, their heavy-handed reaction to this "forbidden knowledge" supposedly could not contain such a grammatical error, therefore you can feel free to simply disbelieve the existence of a document -- and an abundance of other well-documented evidence -- which is contrary to your world view), in some kind of a mental, pseudo-logical version of "the ends justify the means". You seem to have some kind of pro-CC agenda, and are 'thinking' with your heart rather than with your head. This is semi-understandable; it is always difficult to think anything bad about those we like/trust/respect and put on a pedestal.

    Are you an incurable physics-ignorant know-it-all coincidence theorist, who still goes along with the hateful official conspiracy theory that has many sheeple blaming 'hijackers' for damages which could not possibly have been caused by airliners, same as the government, mass media, and all of academia (and, FWIW, the fake/phony 911 'truth' movement)?

    Please eschew labels, and follow the links, and address the evidence, and face the facts, and clue-up already: Colorado College's intellectually dishonest lying-by-omission complicit silence enables treason, including crimes against humanity and beyond...!

At 15:56 on 02/01/12, Harper from NH added:
    Colleges and universities are, and long have been, integral parts of the corrupt establishment...think "Penn State" or "Clarement College"

    I guess we're all expected to assume that intellectual capacity is some kind of guarantee of intellectual integrity, and thus the brainy people in such sacrosanct ivory towers of intellect would never stoop to hiding big lies, or ever tolerate any dishonesty whatsoever -- what utter nonsense!

At 23:17 on 03/25/12, Human from Notre Dame added:
    Consensus is not truth, but passive acceptance yields less stress. Until you have challenged the prevailing wisdom you have no idea how nasty people can be. Until you have re-examined any issue in an attempt to find out all the information, you cannot know how much misinformation exists in the supposed age of information.

    'Truth' is just a lie stamped with an official seal.

At 02:20 on 04/06/12, Dave from Colorado Springs added:
    Since I wrote the above, CC has a new president, who has declared 2012 to be "the [her] year of listening". So I called her office and scheduled a time for the 2 of us to chat, and, last month, I received a call from Jill Tiefenthaler, who was very gracious, and shared about 20 minutes of her precious time with me.

    She seemed to agree with the bumper sticker about "well-behaved women rarely make history", and initially seemed willing to consider the possibility of CC making some history. Then I told her what I had discovered about CC's lies of omission (and how they are misused to harm Our republic, our planet, and all its living species, and how they make some CC professors feel like intellectual prostitutes), whereupon she became more reserved, and quieter.

    In retrospect, given her background, I wish I'd tried to frame my presentation more in terms of economics (her strength), so I followed up with an email, including links for her to follow, but I still have not yet heard back from her...

At 03:58 on 09/06/15, CurrentCCStudent from Colorado Springs added:
    Hi Dave--
    I am interested to find out if Jill ever replied to your e-mail or if there were any further developments in your communications with CC regarding this issue. Thanks!

At 17:07 on 01/12/16, Dave from Colorado Springs added:
    Not yet she hasn't! (What do you suppose could account for that?)

    You might want to try asking her, or any of your professors, yourself, and see what kind of response YOU get...

At 16:21 on 12/12/18, Concerned CC Student from 192.70.253.* added:
    Hi Dave,

    I am a current CC student who, understandably, is very interested in learning more about the specifics of the "forbidden knowledge" you mentioned above. What more can you tell me?

At 01:16 on 12/17/18, Concerned student #1 from Gary Indiana added:
    Thank you for opening our eyes to the real truths of CC. Where do I go from here.

At 18:46 on 12/19/18, Dave from Colorado Springs added:
    If you've followed the links and finished the recommended reading list, above, you could tell others about it...

    Since you're @CC, you might want to stroll over to the physics department and ask a so-called professor or two for assistance with trying to reconcile the hijacker-blaming official government conspiracy theory of 9/11 with the physics analyses here and here.

    Or perhaps petition the CC President and/or Treasurer for either a curriculum change or a tuition refund.

At 00:35 on 10/20/21, Fran from CA added:
    I love that nifty 1.25X play speed widget, thank you!

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